7 Facts about Star Wars episode 7

There’s plenty of fun trivia about The Force Awakens; here’s the seven I liked the most.


  1. In Rey’s force vision, both Obi-Wan actors’ voices were heard. The word “Rey” was taken from Alec Guinness’s “afraid” and Ewan McGregor delivered “these are you’re first steps.”
  2. Daniel Craig played the stormtrooper Rey mind-tricked into loosening the restraints. And dropping the blaster. James Bond is a stormtrooper!
  3. The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars film where no one loses arms.
  4. The freighter that Han and Chewie flew before they found the Falcon again was called the Eravana.
  5. Phasma’s look was originally considered for Kylo Ren.
  6. The doctor that tended Chewie’s arm was played by Christopher Lee’s niece (Lee played Count Dooku in two Star Wars films). This is fun because Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan) is Denis Lawson’s nephew. (Lawson played x wing pilot Wedge Antilles). Star Wars really about family.
  7. Chewie had to chose between breaking a wookiee life-debt and avenging Han when he saw what Kylo Ren did. Life debts expand to family members, so when he swore to protect Han, he also swore to protect Ben, thus shooting him was breaking his oath. He must have decided that Kylo Ren was not Ben Solo anymore, and fired a shot into his heart. This shot weakened Kylo and had a big effect on the duel between Rey and Kylo.chewbacca-the-force-awakens

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