Rey’s Parents

So…is Luke Rey’s father? Short answer: of course no way I have absolutely no idea.rey_bddd0f27

2e2eaa5c00000578-3310861-all_about_this_guy_jj_abrams_talked_to_the_december_issue_of_wir-m-57_1447100691677Han Solo could be her father, but Han and Leia would not care so much about Ben/Kylo that they would forget about their other child; Rey was abandoned on a desert planet after all. If it turns out they are her parents, there’s got to be a good explanation (maybe Luke told them to send her off to a desert planet, but I don’t see why he would want that).

Another idea I saw on the internet was Obi-Wan, but that’s nonsense. Obi-Wan is a jedi, and he saw what happened to Anakin because of love. He wouldn’t make the same mistake, and the midi-chlorian influence thing won’t work if there’s no mother.

Which brings us to Luke. Luke was never taught about no emotions, and never knew why his father turned to evil. It’s still unlikely that he had a kid, but it’s possible. Who is the mother then?

You could argue that both Han and Leia wanted to talk to her about something, which could mean she’s their daughter. My theory is that it’s because Luke told them about Rey before he went into exile, and they are exited about her showing up.

Besides, Star Wars is a story about generations. Anakin saved the galaxy, had a son who became a jedi and saved the galaxy. Shouldn’t Rey, next in the line for destroying evil, be Luke’s daughter? It’s true that Leia is also Anakin’s child, but it’s Luke who saved the galaxy.

We won’t know for sure until episode 8 comes out in December 2017 (what are we supposed to do in that time?!). Luke is definitely the most likely candidate. If it’s Han, there’d better be a good reason for it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.