Hello World!

Hi! I’m Ago. You may know me as the CyberDemon. I made this blog in 2016 (when I am/was 12 years old). I am a huge fan of anything Star Wars. You can check out my other blog at bigbloggerbear.wordpress.com. The reason I made this blog is that I realized that the people who are interested in Star Wars won’t be interested in my projects, and visa versa. So I separated them into two different blogs.

The name Shadow Squadron is not associated with the Republic Y-wing squadron or the Imperial ARC-170 squadron, so please don’t tell me that Shadow Squadron is not an X-wing squadron. The original name of this blog was Wookiee Commando, but I couldn’t find a good image; then it was to be called Rogue Nine, but that was similar to the name of a Star Wars movie coming out late 2016. So I settled on Shadow Squadron.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and please subscribe to be notified of new posts! New and awesome stuff is on the way!!!

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